Why Timor Leste to start a buisness?

Why set up Dreamers Dive Academy in Timor Leste? 

I have been writing lots of blogs about all the good things here so I decided to write this one on why Timor Leste, why I chose to start my dive operation here.

A bit about me- Kate Barker

I have been diving since i was 13 years old, thanks to my parents especially my Mum. It was my birthday present and I fell in love with it straigth away despite the first time only being in a swimming pool.

I decided when I was 12 that I wanted to study Marine Biology and diving seems like a logical and enjoyable first step (as i was no genius and had to actually make it through 6 more years at school haha). Finally I did get my BSc in Marine and Freshwater biology through the univeristy of Wales: Aberystwyth but between my second and third year I took time off. Deciding to go to Mexico for my dive master course and get some experience in the industry – it was then I realised that diving was what i wanted to do. Plus I met Ivan Loria Shelley -my future buisness and life partner 🙂

Many people want to dive but not everyone focuses on it as a career path. Plenty of times i was asked when i would pursue a “real” job or move back home to England. However, I knew I had found my passion both for diving but also for teaching others to dive and I loved (and still love) my life. Here I am seven years later writing about starting my own company! Does it count as a “real” job yet?

You can read more by checking our About Us page.

Why Timor Leste?

Undoubtabley i could go on and on  about all the reasons as to why Timor Leste but the basics include;

  1. Incredible reef systems with healthy and colourful corals.wall
  2. A variety of macro critters and reef fishes.
  3. Stunning shallows that plummet to depths too deep for me to go
  4. Cetaceans!!!!
  5. An inspiring view of the ocean and Cristo Rey staute as I write this.
  6. Of course the people
  7. and the COFFEE!

But why a buisness and not just a job?

Ivan and I alway knew we wanted to do more in the diving industry then be open water instructors. For both of us it is our chosen career path and life passion not simply a summer job. Determined to  learn everything we could we worked managing liveaboards and freelancing as well as taking courses in technical diving and equipment servicing. Eventually we began becoming instructors of tech courses and our inspiration grew. Our dream was coming together, slowly but surely.

We had been working in Timor Leste for close to 2 years at Dive Timor Loroase where we discovered a niche in the market we felt we could exploit. As 2 diving instructors and technical divers, a Scuba technican and a Marine biologist our skill combination was unique. Eventually the option of starting our compnay became a reality and we decided to jump in head first. Starting something in a place where not everyone else is doing it and we can follow are passion!

Timor Leste offers great diving and is perfect for technical courses. We have started the first certified workshop to service scuba gear, including tanks and are looking at expanding our services to assist with scientific and dive logistics or expeditions.

Dreamers Dive Academy Timor 

logo blueI am one of the owners of Dreamers Dive Academy in Timor Leste which started early 2018.

We are a small dive operation, run by its owners for it’s customers. With a huge focus on personal customer service, continuing education and tail-made dive experiences; from a day snorkeling learning about the reef to a range of technical dive training.

Get in touch today to learn more or book with us.


By Kate

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