Dive sites – West of Dili

Dive sites – West of Dili

west reef

Introduction to West Coast Sites

These are classified as being west of East Timor’s capital city Dili. Depending on the condition of the road and which site you are going the drive can take between 45mins and 1.5hours. The drive is very scenic and you’ll pass some nice beaches and old monuments. Several Portuguese colonial ruins can be seen.  The west coast sites are very varied and differ from Atauro Island and east coast. Firstly there a lot of more soft corals and big formations. Secondly, you’ll notice the colours of the reef are unique. In addition we find special features… read on below.

Dan’s Sandy Bottom

The first western site on the map. It’s reached just past the cement quarries on the left hand side. Driving up you will turn down onto a dirt track and into the trees. Although the entry is sandy there is a shallow reef to pass over so it is better to enter during high tide. Descending you will soon find the reef then simply head reef on the right. Plenty of big formations and coral bombies with lots of fish varities. The average depth is 5 – 18m.

Bubble Beach

Definately one of the more interesting entry areas due to entering on the other side of an abandoned cemetary. You park at the entrance then walk through towards the beach. Unfortunately it is the longest walk from car to beach we do but it is worth it. Named due to the warm volcanic bubbles coming up from the sandy bottom. Look for stingrays here too -sometimes there are too many to count! However, this site also has a lovely reef and an extensive deep section.


Maubera is a beautifully extensive reef with so many colourful corals. Entering next to a fisherman’s hut, the beach is pebbly but the entry is easy. Look out for different trevallies including blue fin and some really giant Giant Trevally. There are plenty of clams and nudibranchs to look for too.

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You can also visit Dive Timor’s website to find more descriptions of the sites

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