Why Visit Timor Leste?

What is so great about Timor-Leste anyways?


While Dreamers Dive Academy Timor is still a new dive shop, all our staff have been in this country for some time. As such, there are so many things we have come to love about this little country. Here’s a few reasons why you should come visit Timor too.

Number 1: All that marine life!!!

As divers, we obviously have a bit of an obsession with the marine life here in Timor. From thriving coral gardens to towering underwater walls teeming with life, it’s easy to see the appeal. In addition to this plethora of coral critters, we also have access to some phenomenal muck dive sites. Such as the one in Tasi Tolu bay. These areas will have you on the look out from all sorts of fun animals. Good examples include mimic octopus and adorable seahorses. There’s nothing better than a fun day diving in the waters here in Timor!


Number 2: The People

Here at Dreamers Dive Academy we have the privilege to work with some amazing Timorese people. If you spend much time in Timor you will quickly realize how welcoming the people here are. Our local staff and affiliates throughout the dive shop continually bring a welcoming presence and a big smile with them to work every day. The people in Timor are quite curious about visitors and love to share about their culture.  

Number 3: COFFEE

You may have heard about Timorese coffee but hearing about it can never compare to an actual steaming cup of fresh coffee! Grown and harvested in the rural mountain areas of Timor, coffee is all the rage here. You might see some of the locals sipping on a glass early in the mornings, but don’t be jealous, go get some yourself! Visit Timor for a great caffeine rush. Letefoho Coffee Shop is a quick walk from the dive shop or even closer, pop upstairs to Castaway for a fresh cup of coffee and some breakfast! And don’t forget to stop by a store to take some roasted beans home for the family to try. 

Number 4: Everything Else!! 

We could go on and on about all the great things if you visit Timor, but the best way to learn about this great country is to come and see for yourself! From the beautiful beaches and incredible marine life to exploring the cool mountainous regions, Timor-Leste has so much to offer. So, stop on by, join us for a dive, find yourself a fresh cup of coffee, and go exploring off the beaten path. Timor-Leste is waiting for you!

Why not have a look at Timor Backpackers and DTL guesthouse for accommodation options here in DILI

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By Kayla

Thanks to Tom Barbour and Ivan Samra for photos

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