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An update for La Casa


An update for La Casa

At the end of her Scuba Diving Interntional (SDI) divemaster training it was time for Kayla to mark the momentous occasion by dropping a personal structure in the artificial reef- La Casa.

To brilliantly sum up her personality and quirkiness she chose an old toilet. Let’s face it every artificial reef needs one. Such a great chance for a humerous photo!

Okay so this time around kayla didn’t mimic sitting on the toilet but everyone is thinking about it right…. underwater toilet selfie 🙂

Although it was kayla’s chosen structure it was a full team effort by Dreamers Dive Academy Timor. A toilet is heavier than you may think. Luckily we are experts in using lift bags ( a skill Kayla perfected as part of her DM training)

 Artificial reef – La Casa

Please see our previous blog here for full details. Basically the artificial reef “La Casa” is located with Tasi Tolu bay. It was started more than a year ago. Since then Dreamers Dive Academy Timor owners Kate barker and Ivan Loria Shelley have been trying to contiuously improve it. Maintaining the site and adding new structures is important. During the past month it has been gaining popularity with divers due to it’s unique scenery and life.

Resident shrimps, groupers, scorpionfish including leaf, lionfish and sweetlips ensure divers always see something. The chances to see seahorses, nudibranchs, frogfish, moray eels and more keeps the guides coming back. By the way it is a brilliant night dive!

Dropping the toilet

Firstly we cleaned it of all the piping and plastic part (hence not seat), Next we took it to the dive site and walked it into the shallow water. After that we attached the lift bag. (see photo) to easily carry the toilet to depth. Ivan and Kayla controlled its descent. Melky carried the top. Kate navigated and took photos.

Once reaching the reef Kayla decided where to drop the toilet. It was “dropped” in the spot. Let’s see if you can find it next time you visit La Casa. If you have never been then contact us to find out more

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