Snorkeling in East Timor with Timorese young people- ENVAC



group after snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great way to get people in the ocean to have their first look at the environment that exists there…

A few weeks ago we gave a presentation to a group of volunteers Environmental Activities – ENVAC about the marine environment and effect of tourism – both good and bad. We are aiming to educate the local young people in a time where their country’s decisions can make or break the future.

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As a continuation of this we decided with the help of Dive Timor Lorosae to organise a small event to get these local activists in the ocean. Many of them cannot swim thus have never ventured into the ocean for a paddle let alone stuck their face in! Some of them had tried snorkeling before and were very confident in the water but the vast majority needed that extra help.

Dive Timor provided lifejackets and safety rings for us to use as well as a few masks and snorkels and staff to assist.

Taking them in small groups initially in a one to one ratio allowed us to gauge their confidence. No one paniced and it is fair to say most we overwhelmed by what they saw. Stunning colors and shapes. Swimming fish of various shapes, sizes and colour. Literally a whole new world!

Hopefully they have a true understanding of the beauty and wonder of their marine environment and the reef just off the shore that needs protecting and preserving.
In a country with so much potential to grow in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way it is so important to involve the young people. To educate them so they can make a difference!

Luckily due to the confiident and enthusiasm we managed to get everyone in the water a few time. In the end we spend around 3 hours together at Dili Rock East. A dive site close to the edge of the capitial city of East Timor, Dili. (see here for more details)

Beach cleaning

In amoungst the in water enjoyment we also cleaned the beach. A total of 10 big bags of plastic especially bottle, bottle caps, straws and toothbrushes were collected. (Please consider using non plastic alternatives for these for our ). Disponsible/one use plastics take a minute to use but lifetimes to break down. 

Thank you everyone for a lovely few hours and the volleyball game too!

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