First Timorese certified with SDI Deep diver course

deep divers

Congratulations to our new deep divers!

A big WELL DONE on going deep; A bit delayed because we have already certified them. Regardless we want to give a huge congratulations to Nafy and Melky. Why? For completing their SDI deep diver certification!!! They were our nominated Dreamers Dive Academy Timor “sponsored divers” of Dec 17/Jan 18.

Thank you to our new deep divers;

Both for all your hard work both during the deep diver course but more importantly everyday in your jobs. We hope you are inspired to continue diving and learning. Also to educate other people in Timor Leste about the life down there most significantly the reef. Maybe next time we can make it to Atauro Island and go down deep on the stunning walls and dropoffs we find there.

It has been great fun teaching these two who are already Rescue and Advanced certified divers. It’s not always easy doing a course in English when it’s not your first language either! Yet we all worked together to teach/learn the material and understand the important concepts of a dive to 40m.

What they did in the SDI deep dive certification…

Firstly, they have learned to plan a dive more in (and to) depth. Furthermore monitoring their dive computer and air supply a little more frequently. While they keep a slightly closer eye on their buddy. Finally, due to their training they know how to stay conservative whilst still enjoying a deep dive. It is great if they want to go searching for the pygmy seahorses we’ve seen at 36m!

Well done again. Just keep learning and keep diving! We are very proud of you.

Melky is currently working his way to becoming the first Timorese SDI dive master. To stay updated in his progress and other Dreamers Dive Academy activities follow our blogs, facebook or instagram (dreamorsdiveacademy)

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