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Scuba Diving in Timor Leste

Timor Leste – Scuba Diving 

Timor leste reef

Timor leste – introduction;

Firstly, it is apparant that not much is known about the country Timor Leste (also known as East Timor) thus it isn’t much of a tourist hotspot. Yet, just a plane ride from Bali and you can arrive to one of the newest countries in the world which as it so happens has some of the most incredible diving just of its shore.

Luku iha Timor Leste

Primeiru, ita hatene katak ema barak mak sedauk hatene konaba nasaun Timor-Leste (no mos la hatene saida mak Timor Lorosae). Entaun turista sira mos la dun hatene fatin ida neebe bele haree buat barak. Maibe, sae aviaun husi Bali no ita too iha nasaun foun no kiikoan ida iha mundu, oinsa buat nee akontese se ita ba luku iha fatin nee mesak furak loos.

Dreamers Dive Academy in Timor Leste

Owners Kate and Ivan have been in Timor Leste since 2015. Orginally, working with Dive Timor Lorosae. They saw an oppotunity to set up a technical diving school. Dreamers Dive Academy Timor was set up here in 2018. We also focus on private guiding and equipment servicing. Kate and Ivan have over a decade in the industry. We aim to cater your diving experience to your interests and passions.

Dreamers Dive Academy iha Timor Leste

Patraun Kate ho Ivan tama iha Timor Leste iha 2015. Primeiru, sira servisu hamutuk ho Dive Timor Lorosae. Sira hetan oportunidade atu loke eskola konaba tekniku luku nian. Dreamers Dive Academy Timor hahu loke iha tinan 2018. Ami mos fokus ba luku privadi no hadia ekipamentu. Kate no Ivan komensa servisu konaba luku liu tinan 10 ona. Ami hakarak atu fo esperensia konaba luku nian ba ema hotu tuir sira nia interese.

Diving here;

acropora corals Timor Leste

Timor Leste diving has a little bit of everything; whatever you are into. With a wide range of diving from macro to steep walls, muck to stunning coral reef. Most noteworhty is that it is can be found just 2m off shore. The reefs extend from a few metres all the way down to depths no diver is certified. Also perfect for freedivers and snorkelers. With Dreamers Dive Academy you can see it all. We love searching for macro critters like seahorses, frogfish and nudibranchs,especially at night, in our local dive sights. Spending time of colorful reefs on sites further down the coast. Finally, what about dropping down the walls at Atauro island. See out Gallery for more photos.

Luku iha nee

Luku iha Timor Leste sasan barak no oi-oin deit; konforme saida mak imi hakarak haree. Sei karik ita ba luku lalika tama tasi laran dook husi rai maibe iha besik deit ita bele haree ahu ruin. Fatin espesial loos tamba ita luku too metro 2 deit bele hetan buat barak ona. Ahu ruin ba husi metru 2 ka 3 no tun too ita la bele haree tamba tun liu ba okos nemak ema la bele tun atu ba. Nomos perfeitu tebes ba sira neebe free divers ho snorkelers. Ho Dreamers Dive Academy imi bele haree buat hotu. Ami gosta buka animal kiik hanesan kuda tasi, manduku tasi, no animal seluk tan, espesial liu iha kalan, iha ami nia fatin iha sidade laran. Ami gosta gasta tempu atu haree ahu ruin neebe nia kor oi-oin los iha distritu. Finalmentu, ita bele ba haree ahu ruin neebe kapas loos iha Illa Atauro.

Continuing your education

While you are here why not enroll on one of our 20 different SDI TDI specialty courses. You can enjoy all Timor has to offer whilst learning more about a wide variety of diving related topics.

Get in touch 

okay diver

So whether you are looking for a new and exciting place to dive. Maybe visiting Timor for something else or just interested to know more contact us. We can get a plan together. Also enjoy snorkeling/freediving if you aren’t a diver or only have a few days to spare.

Kontinua ita nia edukasaun

Durante ita iha nee ita mos bele tuir cursus balun. Ami iha diferente cursus, SDI TDI espesial cursus. Ita bele halimar iha Timor no mos aprende buat foun.

Dalaruma ita atu haree buat foun no fatin neebe ita gosta loos atu ba luku. Mai visita Timor atu haree buat ruma neebe mak ita interese atu hatene barak liu bele kontaktu ami. It abele halo planamentu hamutuk no mos enjoy snorkeling/freediving se karik ita hakarak luku iha loron balun deit.

There really is something for everyone. Follow us on facebook or instagram to see more dreamersdiveacademy

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