Mollusca – Creatures of the Month: March 2019 DDAT

Creatures of the Month – March = Mollusca Molluscs; although they are such are wide group of creatures they are often overlooked. If you talk with any diver for too long, you will soon realize that we love to chat about the different critters we see on our dives. Many highlights include dives with sharks, […]


  February = Fish Well at least one of the main groups; Osteichthyes or  bony fish, is an extremely diverse group. Commonly, defined by those whose skeleton is primarily bony tissue as opposed to cartilge (like that of sharks and rays). Overall, the vast majority of fish belong to this group. Additionally, they are vertebrates (1 of only […]

Places to eat in Timor – part 2

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We all know a big part of your trip can be the food so here are a few of Dreamers Dive Academy Timor recommendations and insights of where to eat in Dili. There are so many more options than mentioned here hence “part 2 – see part 1 too”.  Prices are an average for a […]

Jellyfish and more – CREATURE OF THE MONTH; JANUARY 2019

  January = Jellyfish. Well technically Cnidarians which is inclusive of jellyfish, box jellies, corals, hydroids and anemones but everyone loves a bit of alliteration right… All species are aquatic and predominately marine. Cnidarian is a strange word so let’s break that down to begin. The C is silent so you pronounce it like NI-DAR-RIANs […]

2018- A quick review for Dreamers Dive Academy Timor

  2018- A quick review for Dreamers Dive Academy Timor Intro This time last year (2018) Dreamers was a concept already in existence, created by Kate Barker and Ivan S.Loria Shelley. However, Dreamers Dive Academy Timor was still in it’s planning stages. The very very early planning stages, so much so it didn’t even have it’s […]

Have you done your predive safety checks?

  Have you done your predive safety checks? Introduction Hopefully, most of us remember this part of our open water course. Just after you’ve been explained all this alien looking equipment but before you actually get into the water.  After all that they make you practice it before every dive! Fundamentally it’s the same regardless […]

Rainy season diving in Timor Leste

Introduction Rainy season may be upon us in Timor Leste which may put divers off visiting becasue of the rain. But what does the rain really mean for the diving around Dili and Atauro Island?  Well we are here to settle the age-old argument; can you go diving during the rainy season? The simple answer […]

Night Diving in Timor

Night Dive in Timor If you’ve never experienced a night dive, you are missing out on a whole other amazing side of diving!! Maybe you’ve heard your instructor or friends talking about night dives and thought, “But it’s DARK!”. This is a good and true observation, but don’t count out a night dive just because […]

Tips for new divers

Hi there new divers, Here are a few tips from us to you now that you are officially a diver yay!!! Insurance- We highly recommend that you get personal diving insurance or check your expat insurance for diving coverage.  DAN insurance is recognized worldwide and covers Timor under Asia Pacific. If evacuation is ever required […]

Accessing Atauro Island

  Accessing Atauro Island   Atauro Island is a wonderful addition to your East Timor holiday especially if you are coming fro snorkelling and diving!! However, what really are the options on how to see it, how to dive it and where to go? Well Dreamers Dive Academy Timor is providing you with an overview to […]