Spot the cetaceans of East Timor – whales, dolphins 

Spot the cetaceans of East Timor – whales, dolphins   Introduction First I guess many will ask what is a cetacean -It’s the group of marine mammals that including Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. Timor Leste has many types including whales and dolphins … the highlight is probably the blue whale migration season; you can see […]

5 touristy things to do in Dili

  5 touristy things to do in Dili A Dili Tourist?? One of the most common questions we get from friends and family (and tourists!) alike is, “what is there to do in Dili?” While Timor is full of amazing sceneries and spectacular underwater life, we have a list of some great attractions right here […]

Why we don’t serve seafood/fish

  Why we don’t serve seafood/fish It its true that for generations we have been fed from the ocean- seafood/fish. However in more recent decades we have taken advantage of this resource. We have treated it as a bottomless pit. Once we could have blamed our ignorance, not truly understanding the vastness is not the […]

Snorkelling in East Timor

sidemount divers

Why snorkel in East Timor? It is awesome Introduction   Not everyone is a diver we get that so why come for a snorkel?? There are incredible destinations all around the world, filled with breathtaking natural wonders and stunning sea and landscapes. From the plains of Africa to the mountains of Nepal and the jungles […]

What is the benefit of SDI dive specialties?

  What is the benefit of SDI dive specialties?     Introduction As you can see from the imagine above many dive specialties and other courses can be taken straight after your openwater course. Although there may be a minimum number of logged dives to start it gives you many options. The advanced course is […]

SDI- why i chose to become a Scuba Diving International Dive Master

  Why I chose SDI (Scuba Diving International) When I was looking to do my rescue course, my instructor gave me two books. He told me, “take a look at both of these and let me know which one you want to use for your course.” Each book was essentially the same material. I could […]

Comment from the 1st SDI divemaster in Timor Leste

  Great Dive Master Course!!! I recently finished my divemaster course with Kate and Ivan and could not be happier! Firstly, diving the reefs of Timor Leste is an incredible experience itself. Timor offers extremely healthy and bio-diverse reefs perfect for fun dives and courses alike! As a new dive company, Dreamers Dive Academy is […]

Solo Diving – Can I do it?

Solo selfie

Solo diving can I do it? Why SOLO dive? Are you an experienced diver (100 dives +)? Do you ever find yourself without a suitable buddy? Have you ever felt restricted within a group or do you have a camera and sometimes feel rushed by a group to get that perfect shot?; want to be […]

Local Timorese learning to dive

Getting Timor Leste locals in the water to dive We are here in Timor Leste; As both a company and as individual divers we feel it is so important to support the local community here in Timor; where we are. That goes beyond just employing locals and spending money locally. We want them to understand […]