Supporting Timor


Local Youth Learning about Conservation

Everything is connected in life. People help people 🤝
Ocean conservation initiates  change and creates impact by showing the beauty of the world through visual arts, in order to make people want to protect it.

Help people reconnect with nature and who they are through visual art.

Jafet Potenzo Lopes

Fina attends USAID Training

Our team member Fina recently participated in the Timor Unearthed and USAID – US Agency for International Development USAID | Timor-Leste grant program for tourism safety training!!

We’re looking forward to learning what she’s learnt from her too!



So proud of Te Aquila

Our team member Te Aquila recently participated as a speaker in the Uma Amerika Climate Change event, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Part of our mission at Dreamers Dive Academy is to build up and support local youth in taking up an environmental mission to protect the beautiful Timor environment.