SDI solo and TDI nitrox – Students comments

LuckilySDI solo and TDI nitrox – Students comments

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Between the 9th and 19th May we had the pleasure of entertaining Dreamers Dive Academy owner Kate’s parents.

Throughout their 10 day stay Dreamers Dive Academy took Sally and Steve to a variety of dive sites. Luckily we got a great mix of west coast, east coast and local shore. Even the odd boat dive (athough seasickness did kick in). Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Atauro island, but we had to save something for next time they visit us!

During their visit we managed to fit in two courses. The TDI nitrox and SDI solo diving certifications. So once again Kate got to enjoy teaching her parents something new about diving.  To see all the courses we offer see here or Go to to find out more about the agency.

Sally’s Comments 

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A Dive School that really looks after you and adapts to your needs.

Timor Leste is a very young nation and is still recovering from its occupation by Indonesia during which time much of its infra structure was destroyed. Its tourist industry is just emerging and you have to accept that, as of yet, they are not able to offer luxury end holidays. What they can offer is a beautiful country with masses of potential; a country unspoiled by blatant commercialism. Dreamers Dive Academy can suggest a range of accommodation depending on your budget but it is the courses on offer that make them so unique.

We went as fairly experienced PADI divers and did our SDI Solo Diver and TDI Nitrox courses them. I can honestly say we came away with a far more in depth understanding of the challenges of diving. Practising for emergency situations with our instructor, Kate, definitely made us feel more confidant. Kate is co-owner of Dreamers Dive Academy along with her life and business partner Ivan. They have a passion and enthusiasm for their work that comes through very clearly in their desire to make your diving experience as personal and memorable as it can possibly be.

More comments from Sally….
Now many of you may think that solo diving is not something you are interested in. My husband and I felt the same but we were convinced that it would make us better buddy divers and better equipped to deal with potential underwater emergencies. This proved to be absolutely the case. The courses progress you past your basic training and are an excellent way to improve your skills as they provide a more detailed content which helps you understand and accept the types of restrictions applied to your holiday dives in terms of your safety and well being. MOST IMPORTANTLY we had a lot of fun and learned a great deal. Kate was very patient and a calming influence when were diving: she was truly a mermaid-totally relaxed and yet in control under the waves.

Kate and Ivan really made us feel welcome. They really cared about giving us a good experience and (after diving holidays where we felt that the only interest was in our wallets) this was truly refreshing and inspiring.
If you are looking for a different kind of diving…and the dive sights are truly memorable….and a relaxed unspoilt vibe then Timor Leste and Dreamers Dive Academy is definitely worth a visit.

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