Spot the cetaceans of East Timor – whales, dolphins 

Spot the cetaceans of East Timor – whales, dolphins

 blue whale


First I guess many will ask what is a cetacean -It’s the group of marine mammals that including Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.

Timor Leste has many types including whales and dolphins … the highlight is probably the blue whale migration season; you can see these huge giants cruising passed the shore line. Watch out for the blow.

Whale watching in Timor Leste is an incredible experience. Charters run daily when the migration season kicks in. Generally around the end of the year but dependant on weather. 2016 saw the height of the migration during most of October whilst 2017 seemed to kick in for all of November. We are literally waiting to see for this year!!!

How to see them

During the season you can easily spot the blue whales from Cristo Rey especially in the mornings but spending anytime at the beach could bring an oppotunity.

Booking a dive trip to Atauro island or even down the Black Rock can increase your changes of seeing the world’s largest animal but there are plenty of other cetacean species to see and entertain you!

Other species

 We have  been lucky enough to see spectacular pods of dolphins and whales. Including Frasers, spinner and spotted dolphins, melon-headed, pygmy killer and pilot whales, on our boat rides across. Sometimes we are extra lucky and find some sperm whales, the odd orca or risso dolphins.  The water between Dili and Atauro island is full of these magical creatures. The only question is whether we are in the right place at the right time to get a glimpse…

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