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Solo Diving – Can I do it?

Solo diving can I do it?

Why SOLO dive? Are you an experienced diver (100 dives +)? Do you ever find yourself without a suitable buddy?
Have you ever felt restricted within a group or do you have a camera and sometimes feel rushed by a group to get that perfect shot?; want to be truly independent?

Dreamers Dive Academy Timor offers the SDI (scuba diving international) SOLO diver course.

This course teaches you to be fully self sufficient.  Whether to improve skills to be within a group or to be capable to do your own thing. Divers will expand knowledge and understanding of dive gear and gas management. In addition to general dive planning considerations and naviagtion techniques. This things a step farther and gives you a better control of your diving.

During this course you will also go through the use of a secondary gas source, in Dreamers Dive Academy Timor we have chosen to use 6L aluminium tanks. These small stages being the preferred option in technical diving, as they are easy to trim and setup out of the way. You avoid too much bulk especially during shore dive entry.

This is a great certification for dive professionals too because you can do what you want. We love looking after other divers when we are working but imagine being Solo for your fun dives. Yes you still need to be sensible but you can stay forever looking at one nudi or swim as fast as you can to try and spot something big!!

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diver You will learn how to be safe and confident, how to problem solve and be prepared.

This course can also be thought in combination with the recreational side mount course of SDI- because it’s the perfect gear setup for the task!

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