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Snorkelling in East Timor

Why snorkel in East Timor? It is awesome



Not everyone is a diver we get that so why come for a snorkel??

There are incredible destinations all around the world, filled with breathtaking natural wonders and stunning sea and landscapes. From the plains of Africa to the mountains of Nepal and the jungles of the Amazon. Just so many places to go. So why stop in the tiny island nation of Timor? If you are an avid diver you already have a good excuse to visit our beautiful reefs. However for those looking to catch a first glimpse of the underwater world…grab a snorkel. We have all the reasons why Timor should be on your list of awesome places to go snorkeling!

The reefs

shallow reef

Our reefs are right at your front door. The southern coastline of Timor is riddled with beautiful reefs. All the way out to the pristine national park of Jaco Island, but you don’t need to go that far to see Timor’s marine life. Just outside the capital city of Dili awaits snorkeling spots perfect for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. Visit Dili Rock on the outskirts of town or head over to the popular Cristo Rei area to enjoy some fantastic snorkeling without worrying about a long drive. 

Another amazing reason to snorkel Timor’s reefs is easy access. Many of our reefs start in shallow waters of only a few meters. Yet some areas plummet down to 100 + meters- perfect for freediving! While the average snorkeler won’t see what secrets hide at 100 meters, the shallow reefs offer an up-close experience with some of the most biodiverse coral reefs in the world! This means coming face to face with hundreds of different coral species, mesmerizing anemones, and fish of all shapes, sizes and colors! Not to mention you may have the best chance (no promises though) to spot a dugong!

We cater to you

reef for snorkel

Are you with a group of divers but you don’t dive? With all that shallow reef we just mentioned, you are bound to have a blast, snorkeling our dive sites while your friends are diving. Some of the most spectacular parts of certain dive sites lie within 4 to 6 meters of water! 

Still need more reasons why our snorkeling is so great? There is still much which is undiscovered in the waters of Timor. The small number of tourists means that many places have been left greatly untouched by humans, leaving the reefs to thrive with only occasional disturbance from local fishermen. For those daring the journey our isolated, white sand beaches await you. 

So what are you waiting for?! Grab some snorkel gear and get to exploring! And if you want a guide to come along with you, give us a call!

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