Snorkeling trip with Youth off the Streets


Snorkeling trip with Youth off the Streets

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It is another one of those posts where we are all excited to be sharing what we have been doing; again snorkeling. Supporting local organisations and groups to show how wonderful is their ocean.

We love these days!! Snorkeling and beach cleaning. Plus just all-around good fun with a group of lively, enthusiastic youths! Dreamers Dive Academy Timor aims to assist local organisations and groups. For instance, our friends at Youth Off the Streets. This is such a wonderful program aimed at providing alternative activities for young Timorese who have addictions or are dealing with abuse. They also offer programs to encourage youths to look to a brighter future. As well as give them important skills to invest in those future dreams.

On the day- Snorkeling fun!

This past Thursday (6th Sept 2018) DDA was lucky enough to host a snorkeling event for the Timorese youth. Along with visiting Australian Youth Off the Street volunteers. We had a full (we mean full haha) house with over 30 snorkelers. Totalling an upwards of 50 people.

All the youth and volunteers travelled in a large yellow garbage truck (no rubbish inside) to the chosen site. We decided to head a bit west out of Dili so everyone would feel like it was a true day out. A dive site we named as Garden Eel City was perfect. Shallow reef, sandy entrance with plenty of trees.  We had an interactive morning out snorkeling in the pristine shallow reefs of the Liquica District along with an organized beach cleanup in the surrounding area, then followed by lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

Why we do this!

group from day

Here at DDA we find these types of snorkeling trips some of the most rewarding. It is important for us as a company to give back. Not to mention how important it is to educate the people of East Timor about their oceans. To see the look of pure joy on a young girl’s face after her first time ever swimming in the ocean is such a wonderful experience.

Can you imagine living next to some of the best reefs in the entire world and never seeing them? Maybe not even knowing they are there? This is the reality for so many Timorese; yet we hope to change that one snorkeling experience at a time! More so, this type of trip, along side out presentations represent  the importance of sharing reef conservation with non-divers. We look forward to many more opportunities to share our love for the ocean with locals and visitors in Timor!

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