Why try Sidemount?

Why try SDI Sidemount?

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Most people dive back mount, it’s how we learn as new divers and usually how we continue our training so why change to sidemount?

Even if I want to tech dive i can use back mount right? Normal set up with a stage or twin tanks so why choose sidemount?

Benefits of Sidemount diving;

You carry 2 tanks of air so your supply is doubled so it’s perfect if you wanted to extend your dive time.

It reduces the pressure on your back and can improve trim and position in the water.

Unlike twin tanks (which is also 2 tanks) you can carry each tank separately to the entry area.  Alternatively you have all the weight on your back which can be strenuous. 

You will always have plenty of spare air should you or your buddy need it

You have 2 regulators should you experience any issues with one

What else can I use sidemount for?

If you want to branch out to Solo diving, Cave or Wreck diving or multi tank diving the set up is optimal for each of these

For solo diving you require a backup air supply, using backmount you’d commonly opt for a stage bottle but not all shops will have smaller tanks so it can be awkward to attach to your BCD. With Sidemount you are all set

Upgrade to TDI sidemount for use in technical dives such as

With Cave or Wreck where you may require extra air sidemount is ideal and may be more manageable than twin tanks

Multi stage diving is made easier as you can attach all tanks separately (with the help of your team)

 Dreamers Dive Academy Timor offers many specialties from SDI and TDI; to find out more about our selection go to our training information page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram or get in touch here; Contact us.

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