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Open water course – Timorese students learning @ Dreamers Dive Academy


Timorese open water

open water students

So we’ve been at it again; SDI Open water course for our sponsored Timorese of the month for April/May are Dive Timor driver Rui and DTL guesthouse/Timor backpackers cleaner Yanti. Thank you to Dive Timor for all the assistance and use of their facilities.

Having already completing a DSD we knew they were capable in the water. Both showed extreme interest in learning more. Turns out they were so excited they even came in on their day off to study!

Open Water Theory 

Although neither of them speaks a lot of english we have managed to push through the open water theory with great assistance from our SDI dive master trainees Kayla and Melky translating. As well as direct translation Melky has been able to explain many things from his own experiecnes as a diver. A wonderful aid in their understanding of diving concepts.

To ensure a full grasp of the material we are going over the theories in various ways and have done several classroom based presentations.

Pool sessions

Both Rui and Yanti excelled in the confined water sessions. They are fearless and despite some discomfort with the mask removal they continued to practice the skills until fully relaxed.

The pool was unfortuantely pretty chilly thus we separted the sessions into a few different ones but we got it all done in the end!

Going Diving

Finally, after plenty of hard work and study in addition to a great team effort from DDA staff we were ready to get in the ocean. After completing their DSD we knew they were okay with breathing and wearing equipment. Now we had to teach them to use all the equipment for themselves.

Conducting the open water skills was easy because our students were brilliant but buoyancy and kicking were our main struggles. Onto practice, practice, practice meaning diving, diving, diving yay!.

First dives 

open watery anti

We started with 2 open water dives on the 2nd May with beautiful flat conditions and good visibility. Kate assisted by Melky and Kayla took them to Dili Rock East. Starting with skills practice in the shallows both students had little issues. Continuing on the the swiming and buoyancy control they need a little help. Luckily nothing too major or problematic just what is to be expected of open water students.

Extra Practice

On the 17th and 18th May we took Yanti and then Rui for one dive with instructor Kate just to remind them of the skills they had already practiced. Focusing mainly on the buoyancy and kicking as well as seeing all the fish.

On the 06th June we got the original DSD team together for a dive – Kate, Rui, Yanti, Nafy and Melky in Tasi Tolu. Perfect conditions with crystal clear viz, no current or waves and a group of happy divers.

Finally finished!!

YAY! We here at Dreamers Dive Academy Timor are so happy to anounce that Rui and Yanti have completed all the dives of the open water. The 20th June marks the occasional. Luckily we got all the team together for the day Kate and Kayla, Rui, Yanti, Nafy and Melky for a wonderful dive in Dili Rock East. Unfortuanely due to conditions we didn’t make it for the planned second dive. A fun dive to celebrate but that did not stop happy faces all around!

open water finished

Stay tuned for the updates on their progress by revisting this blog or following us on facebook; dreamersdiveacademy. You can also contact us

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