regulator servicing


Regulator servicing


Our scuba equipment is what makes diving possible, although snorkelling and freediving are great too. Regulators are what lets us breathe the compressed air in our scuba tanks and depsite what you may see in movies we can’t get very far without one.

A diving regularor is how it sounds- it is a regulator of pressure. Is very hard to breathe high pressure air straight from the tank! Let’s look a bit more in depth at each part.

The first stage

Firstly, the first stage haha. This is the part that takes the excessive pressure from the tank to a more manageable pressure, commonly between 9 and 10bar. In terms of performance there are two main systems balanced and unbalanced.

unbalanced are

Balanced regulators can be further broken down. Piston and environmental sealed varieties

The second stage


The high pressure (HP) hose

This one is easy! It connects to the hose on your BCD to let you inflate it with air from the tank. Imagine orally inflating all the time- your mouth would always be salty!

The submersible pressure gauge (SPG)

Although there are a variety of styles the main purpose of the SPG is to tell you how much air you have in your tank. Ultimately it is a key piece of safety equipment allowing you to be in control and more relaxed when diving.

If you are a scuba diver you know how important the maintenance of your gear is. Most items are easy – just wash it and repair it if need but have you ever considered what a regulator looks like once it’s all opened up? Or how many o-rings are inside to keep the first stage dry?

Dreamers Dive Academy workshop

Luckily, if you are visiting or live in Timor Leste then Dreamers Dive Academy can assist you in a wide range of maintenence and servicing. See here for our full list

We are licensed and equipped to service Apex, Scubapro and Aqua lung regulatorsPerhaps look into taking our SDI equipment specialist course to learn how the basics of looking after your gear.

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