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Dreamers Dive Academy Opening Presentation


Presentation Introduction 

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Although we have been active on social media since February and active as a company for a little while, April 26th will be marked as our official opening. We decided to organise an event to give a presentation about ourselves and our focuses. We invited various local buisness owners and expats from the dive community and tourism sector.


Actually making the presentation was done super early on in the process. The whole slide show was finished well before a date was decided. Giving us plenty of time to work on our speeches and flow.

Planning the event took a little while but once we had been offfered the use of the premises of the Mexican Consulate we set to it. First we designed our invitations and settled the date; Thurday seemed like a good night so we didn’t end up as competition to the weekend night life haha.

Gathering the email addresss of our potential guests was easy enough. Many just happened upon us coincidently hence allowing us to invite everyone with fair warning! Once people started RSVPing and we had a rough idea of the number of guests we look food and drink options. In addition we decided how to lay out the venue and what assistance may be required. Thank you to some of the local staff from the Consulate for helping us to set up, clear up and serve drinks as well as help our guests find where we were or where to find the toilet!

The Night Itself

Finally on the night we went with what seems like plenty of time to spare (we still could have use more) to suss out the projector and other technological things like microphones and music. After setting everything up we were still trying to figure out exactly where the projector needed to be. We wanted the slides to be clearly seen. – Luckily some of our guests knew more than we did!

The night itself  kicked off with a social drink and some snacks. Including, some very impressive homemade vegan dips that Kate made. Once everyone arrived we started the presentation itself. The idea of this presentation was to give an idea of what we are doing as a company and are biggest aims and focuses in Timor Leste (You can find out m0re about us here). We spoke about focusing on continuing education, including technical diving; our workshop services and private guiding plus a little about what we’d like to do within the diving and local community of Timor Leste.

presentation food

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Thank you 

We wish to thank everyone that came and supported us.

We are very grateful to the Consulato de Mexico Dili. Gracias for providing us with such a lovely location, your brilliant staff and all the technical equipment

Also thank you to our own staff members and friends who assisted in cooking, cleaning, set up and logistics.

Want to know more?

Contact us or follow us on facebook and Instagam: dreamersdiveacademy

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