Official 3 months of operations!!!


Official 3 months of operations!!!


On the 26th April Dreamers Dive Academy Timor gave an opening presentation to other dive operators and relevant parties (see blog here). This will be forever classed as the official start date for the operations of Dreamers Dive Academy Timor. So as we reach the three month mark let us give a quick recap of our achievements


open water finished

From Timorese open water students to Timorese Rescue courses. Enjoyable Solo diving, Sidemount, Nitrox and deep packages with students coming all the way from the States.

Mentionable are the Rescue and Cprox combinations. A great way to learn to take care of other divers

Deep diving, navigation, night and TDI nitrox specialties to expand divers experiences and levels.

Additionally,  we trained the first SDI divemaster in East Timor!


servicing workshop

Regulator and BCD services have become a regular request.

Visual inspections of 100 tanks and more on the way. Currently arranged the hydrostic testing of more than 50 tanks

Tailor made trips

flag internship

Planning courses mixed with fun dives mixed with family time and friendships. Primarily just a great way to be reinspired by diving. Secondarily the food and juices offered and approved by our divers. Not to mention exploring all that Timor Leste has to offer. Including Atauro island. Diving and sightseeing whilst learning more about the ecosystem. We love to make combinations of things that interest you.

Environmental education

Firstly important to note our presentations and snorkeling with local youths of ENVAC.

Plus we have been going into schools to give short presentations.

Presentation topics; Waste management education combined with  beach clean ups.  Also the best and worst sides of tourism and the relevence in East Timor.

To the future

Truly it has been a learning experience and very exciting time since April. The company has slowly but surely become a recognisable name in East Timor’s Diving community. More than that though we have branched out and truly built on our four foundational focuses. Continued Education in Diving, Technical Workshop for scuba gear, Environmental education and tailor made trips/packages!

Although it has only been three months we are so looking forward to the next and the next and the future!!!

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