Nitrox- What you need to know

What’s the difference between SDI, TDI and Advanced nitrox?


What is Nitrox?

Firstly, when we learn to dive we use compressed air. Normal air is basically made up of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen so what is nitrox? Also know as enriched air it is a mix of nitrogen and oxygen where the percentage of oxygen is higher than normal air (21%). The most common range is 22 – 40%

See our training page for full course descriptions but here is a basic overview; 

1.SDI nitrox computer specialty

The most simple and basis optiicourse for getting certified to use enriched air up to 40%. Recommended for recreational divers wanting to get certified for using basic mixes for recreational dives.

2.TDI basic course

A much more in depth theortically focused course; it provides a lot more information and boosts your overall knowledge whilst still certificating you to use mixes up to 40%. Also important to note is it is a prerequisite for TDI advanced nitrox. Recommended for recreational divers who want to improve their diving related knowledge whilst getting certified to use enriched air. Additionally, recommended for divers who wish to move up the tech diving ladder.

3.TDI advanced course

Finally, for the true tech minded- take the use of enriched air to the next level!  Teaching you how to use nitrox mixes over 40 % this is a prerequisite for deco procedures or trimix diving. Recommended for tech divers who wish to continue moving up the ladder or who wish to utilise percentages over 40%. Great for diving the sloping reefs or walls in Atauro Island.

Advanced nitrox divers

Dreamers Dive Academy Timor can teach all of these specialties and advise you which one to choose based on your personal interests and diving focuses because everyone is different. To find out more please get in touch with us here; Contact us

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