Tips for new divers

Hi there new divers,

open water finished

Here are a few tips from us to you now that you are officially a diver yay!!!

  1. Insurance-

    1. We highly recommend that you get personal diving insurance or check your expat insurance for diving coverage. 
    2. DAN insurance is recognized worldwide and covers Timor under Asia Pacific. If evacuation is ever required we know they are set up to deal with that from here. 
  2. Fun dives-

    1. Don’t leave it too long between diving in the early stages. There are so many dive sites to explore plus local dive sites are easy to access so we can just do one if you don’t want to be out all day. 
    2. DDA focuses on shore dives and aim to assist you on continuing your diving education- we try to get similar levels together. It’s not about convincing you to do courses but to not stop advising you just because you are certified
    3. Boat dives can be arranged, If we manage to organise a group we can guide and aid your first experience 
  3. Continued Education    –

  1. We offer lots of courses called specialities which focus on various aspects of diving. Take a look on but also feel free to ask us
  2. Once you have some experience you may want to go deeper than 18m…The SDI deep specialty involves dives to 30m and 40m
  3. Actually the “advanced course” is not a requirement with SDI so you can focus more on aspects that interest you  
  4. With SDI you can level up to rescue diver once you have 25 logged dives 
  1. Dive Computer-

    1. Although it is a requirement for us as a SDI/TDI dive centre to ensure every diver uses a dive computer for every dive that is not always the case elsewhere. We do recommend looking into purchasing your own – we can help with options. If you do dive elsewhere please be prudent and rent a computer if you can and if you cannot stay conservative. 
  2. Dive equipment –

    1. Firstly, we can help get most things from Bali. It is an expensive investment to buy a full set of scuba gear but rental fees are usually applied per day so if you are going to  dive a fair amount again it is worth considering.
    2. If you don’t wish to invest in a full set the small bits like mask, boots and wetsuit can just help you to be more comfortable. 
    3. Even a torch can be beneficial as most places charge extra to rent one for night dives (which are amazing) 
  3. Night dives –

    1. Also you can book in to try a night dive with us anytime. We only suggest you go with a small group especially on your first one. 
  4. Contact us –

    To find out more about what we do; technical diving, courses or snorkeling and diving  in East Timor check out our…




    OR email us;

    check out more blogs here

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