Melky up to rescue diver


Melky the rescue diver!! A big well done!

shore rescue

It took some time, a lot of effort and energy but finally we have the first certified SDI (SCUBA DIVING INTERNATIONAL) Timorese rescue diver. This can only mean one thing…. Onto Divemaster training!!!


Over his time working as part of a dive operation Melky has asssisted several courses. Usually he has helped out as the victim. primarily being towed and dragged and pushed away but eventually “saved” by the rescue students.

Last year Melky assisted in the SDI rescue course of our recently certified Divemaster Kayla. He wasn’t just the victim but went through all of the skills and rescues himself.

Theory sessions Rescue Diver

Of course we wished to have him certified much sooner but one word – theory! Despite a great level of english the diving theory can be a lot to understand for any student especially those whose first language is not English (Actually it is his thrid -after bahasa indonesia and Tetum). Due to the complexity of some of the vocabulary used in the books we made sure to always sit down after finishing a chapter. Firstly we went through vocabulary and teminology. Afterwards progressing to the questions.

Initially Melky would read each chapter then we would have a classroom session to go through it. A lot of time was spent learning and understanding the knowledge. At Dreamers Dive Academy Timor we are very proud of the hard work and efoor Melky put in to learn the theory.

Practical Sessions Rescue Diver

Here is where i will say that Melky truly excelled. He just threw himself into every skill practiced without a hint of shyness. This part of the course was completed with 2 other students. Having other students allows for teamwork and planning in more depth. Considerations on the best way to run a rescue become paramount and decisions have to be effective by made quickly.

Running through all the skills, everyone took it in turn to play victim or be the rescuer. Everything was practiced multiple times and with various scenarios. It was beautifully flat and calm as we practiced; preparing for the “scenarios” the following day.

Funnily enough it stayed calm and flat the next morning as we went through towing an unconscious diver but as soon as we started with a scenario for a missing diver the current and the waves picked up.

Needless to say it was a tiring day! Struggling with the current and limited visibilty during search patterns and surfacing the diver. Then the current and the waves whilst towing and exiting them.

But finally after exiting absolutely exhausted we had three new rescue divers to certify. Congratulations to our other students too!!

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By Kate (instructor of this course)

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