Presentation; Marine life in Timor Leste


Presentation; Marine life in Timor Leste


To celebrate World Ocean Day on the 8th June Dreamers Dive Academy Timor Leste joined up with a local Timorese group – Environmental activities. A volunteer group who helps organise snorkeling, beach clean up and mangrove planting. As well as making art work out of collected trash.

Environmental Act

Firstly, after meeting at a beach clean up they had organised in collaboration with the US embassy and LELI (language school) we started talking about arranging some environmental education talks together.

Presentation for World Earth Day 

Finally we organised a presentation. We made the slideshow and gave the talk. Whilst they assistasted in finding a location and bringing the audience.

Our presentation focused on the huge  variety of marine life around Timor Leste. Focusing particularly on the coral reef system and marine mammal species. More importantly we touched on the main difficulty facing the marine environment in these days. Plastic pollution, Negative tourism and industrial fishing.

On the day around 25 people showed up to hear us and most of them Timorese. Many of them stayed afterwards to ask us questions and find out more about the reefs. There was plenty of interest in learning to snorkel or scuba dive. Plus see first hand just what East Timor has to offer.

Unfortunately it does seem that many of the local youths do not realise just how specutatular their marine environment is. Nor the potential their country has for sustainable and eco friendly tourism. Some of these youths are looking to start their own buisnesses and others wish to make changes for the sake of the planet.

group photo World Ocean Day

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We are hoping to organise more events like this one and probably get some of the local youth into the water. Additionaly we wish to inspire them to be concious of their importance in tourism choices and waste management. To stay up dated follow us.

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