Kate’s Parents come for a visit – Yes they dive!


Kate’s Parents come for a visit – Yes they dive!



Between the 9th and 19th May we had the pleasure of entertaining Dreamers Dive Academy owner Kate’s parents.

Kate learnt to dive with them over 15 years ago! It conituned into family holidays until Kate became an instructor. They dived together 3 times before this visit with Kate guiding them (and Ivan too of course).  She even taught them their nitrox PADI course.

East Timor 

Perhaps not the most touristy place but worth a visit… Sally, Kate’s mum has been posting lots of photos of their experience on our facebook page. Why not have a look for yourself what is on offer here including diving, lovely scenery, white beaches and big smiles!


The diving in Timor Leste is extremely beautiful. You can check out some of our blogs for more on this. It is diverse and full of life and colours.

During their 10 day stay Dreamers Dive Academy took Sally and Steve to a variety of dive sites. A great mix of west coast, east coast, local and even the odd boat dive (athough seasickness did kick in). Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Atauro island, but we had to save something for next time they visit us!

During their visit we managed to fit in the TDI nitrox and SDI solo diving certifications. So once again Kate got to enjoy teaching her parents something new about diving.  To see all the courses we offer see here or Go to www.tdisdi.com to find out more about the agency.

maubara family

Other things

So we did the few tourist visits of the Tais (local fabric) market, The resistance museum and Cristo Rey statue.

The resistance museum explains all about the conflict Timor Leste experienced in the past. Despite invloving a lot of reading it is a really interesting way to find out more about the history of this country.

We walked up Cristo Rey whilst it was still dark so we could see it lit up. As the sun came up and illuminated the statue we took a seat of some of the rocks and enjoyed the view. Actually we were lucky enough to see some sharks in the shallows at back side beach. We followed our walk up with breakfast and a coffee at Beachside Hotel on the beach.

The 10th was Ivan’s birthday and as well as diving we celebrated with tacos and by playing table tennis at Timor backpackers

Now it was family time too so we enjoyed some chilled evenings including lots of games of Yatzee, cards and Harry Potter Trivia. A few movie nights. One night we ordered the superb indian food from Harisand enjoyed it whilst watching The Greatest Showman. Another we watched COCO. Kate made some wonderful food on the nights we didn’t eat out or order in! She has a gift which is good for the dive trip lunches!

Finally, there was a coffee stop everyday! Coffee in East Timor is strong without being bitter so it’s great black, white, with ice and with chocolate! Try out Castaway bar, Agora food studios, Cafe uht and Letefoho coffee roasters.

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