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Firstly, internships are a great way to take some time to learn something new. Interested in taking you skills to the next level? Or discovering a whole new side of diving? Want to learn more about the science of diving or diving for science? We have got the perfect option for you. Why not join us for one of our tech or scientific diving related internships… For a set fee you get training, accommodation and lunches included plus the excitement of diving somewhere new and exciting!

You can even add this onto the end of a Dive Master Intership at Dive Timor Loroase.

Why Dreamers Dive Academy internship?

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Timor leste is a wonderful place to advance your skills, with beautiful coral reefs just a metre offshore. Although the reef starts shallow it soon slopes down so it’s easy to find some depth if you fancy getting deep dive (40m) certified or taking it further and signing up for advanced nitrox or deco procedures.

So what can I learn?

We cater to your interests but we have made some combinations of courses we feel go hand in hand. Go to our training section for our full list of services to see what else you might like to combine.

Whether you are an open water diver who just has an interest in the tech world or an experience diver wishes to learn more we have something for you. 

More info;

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Sidemount can be a perfect way to do various tech dives- we just carry the tanks one by one down to the edge of the water and slowly gear up; so much easier on your back! It’s also the ultimate way to dive SOLO because you already have you extra air supply and regulator and is much more comfortable if you want to dive with multiple tanks especially in places where smaller stage bottles may not be available.

If you have an interest in marine science or are currently studying in that field why not come and get some real underwater experience with our science inspired internships. Included are specialties which will enhance your knowledge of the underwater world, increase you abilities to identify fish and other organisms as well as teach you how to use various survey techniques. Kate, our marine biologist will ensure you leave with a head full of fish!

Some recommendations;

SDI Sidemount combined with SDI Solo or SDI deep,  TDI intro to tech and  TDI Nitrox

TDI Sidemount with TDI advanced nitrox and deco procedures plus SDI Solo and TDI gas blender

SDI Marine ecosystems awareness, SDI research, SDI Solo and TDI Nitrox

Sign up today;

We can also offer you accomadation in TIMOR BACKPACKERS

If you’d like to know more please contact us. Just send us an email including what courses you might like to do.

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