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Converting a driving license Timor Leste (June 2018)

Converting a driving license Timor Leste (June 2018)

License Timor Leste
Example License

Recently Dreamers Dive Academy Timor staff went to get a Timorese  driving license so we thought it may be helpful to write down the details for anyone looking to so the same.

Even if you have an international license it is better to get the Timorese one if you will be driving a lot.

This step by step is for if you have a license from you home country and NOT if you need to get your first license. “Converting” your existing licence just requires time and $20 but getting your first one invloves a theoretical and practical test.

Before you go

Make sure your license is up to date and what it is valid for (car, bike etc).

Please note you MUST wear shoes (no flip flops allowed…. they will turn you away), long trousers and preferably a collared shirt or polo. You can go un a tshirt and borrow a shirt for the photo but ensure shoulders are covered! The office is 20-30minutes outside of Dili so you don’t want to have to go back just to change.

What to take 

Your original license plus a photocopy of both sides

A passport copy… make sure it is orientated like in the photo

passport copy

Take you original passport just incase they ask you for a different or an extra photo copy

2 photos with a red background. Even though they don;t use this picture on the final license you need them for the paperwork. Red background and you with a collar.

A pen

Some change for photocopies

If you have a timorese speaker that is also useful

COLLECT THE FORM THERE (can be all done the same day). Make sure you know your height in cm and blood type.

Where to go

You will be go to the DNTT in Hera. It takes about 20min to drive to DNTT in Hera, find it on google maps.

DNTT in Hera is open 8:45-11:15 and 13:50-15:00.

THE OFFICE OPENS AT 8.45AM. Although it is worth getting there a little early it is unnecessary to be there super early

Step by step

Firstly, Grab a number from the machine by the door… Press the second labelled button down.

Next go to LOKE 1… your number will be called by the automatic queuing system lady’s voice in TETUM. If you don’t understand just go to the window and pass your papers – they will either tell you to wait or probably just give you the form to fill out.

Fill the form and take the papers back to the window. Give your orginal licence too. Then WAIT. Eventually someone will call you inside to check your height and take a photo. Next you will get a receipt… go across the street and make 4 copies of it.

Afterwards go to the bank to pay the $20 fee, they will stamp the reciept copies “PAID”

Head back inside but this time go to Loke 2 and give them one receipt copy. Proceed to Loke 2 and push your way to the front to give the last copies to the person there.

Now it’s waiting and more waiting. Primarily you are waiting for them to call your name (this can take an hour or more if many people) to go inside the office at loke 3. Here they will take another photo and get your digital signature.

Finally you go back and wait outside, this time for the license. Just check the details and then you are free!!!

Our experience took 2 hours total.

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