Going out for a drink – Timor Leste

Need to know information and recommendations on places to grab a drink.

If you are new to Dili or visiting we have complied a list to help you suss out some of the bars in town, when to visit and most importantly when is happy hour! There is nothing quite like a cold beer or a classic cocktail after a long day of diving to reminise about all the wonderful creatures and coral you saw!

drink beer

Photo by Tom Barbour

Sky bar

Everyday happy hour 5-7pm but on Fridays it is extended to 8pm with a live band. Definately the hot spot to start the weekend for many expacts. With Buckets of beer and half price spirits and wine who can blame them, better to join them 😉

Castaway bar

Weeknight happy hour 5-7. Small beers and basic spirits $2.50, half price cocktails.Enjoy a drink with live acoustic music on Sunday afternoons too.

Caz bar

Cold cocounut on the beach at sunset anyone? You can drink alcohol too but they really do (if you ask for it) have the coldest most refreshing coconuts for $2!

Arriba Mexican

Although this mexican diner also sells great food on Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy $3 Margeritas and other cocktails 6-8pm!


With a great view of the sunset and a live band on Thursday this restaurant/bar offers a good selection of drinks and food.

Casa Musica

Ultimately know for being the place to end up later on in the night this beautiful rooftop bar is unique! They have a constant influx of live bands and DJs along with special events such as BBQs and drink deals. Take a look at their facebook page to find out more

Reggae Bar

Not so much of a bar as someone’s living room coverted into a drinking area (tables, fridge with beers and stools) but worth a visit just for their homemade sangria. We cannot say exactly what is in it but it’s like $2.5 for a 500ml bottle.

Tight Budget?

Why not stay at Timor backpackers ($20 per night) and enjoy beers bought from the supermarket 2 mins walk away. The shared area of the backpackers has a fridge and there is plenty of space to chill. Perhaps you’d like to watch TV or lounge by the pool while you drink.

Contact us Dreamers Dive Academy Timor for more information about what we do or to book a room in Timor backpackers.


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