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Dreamers Dive Academy Timor

Introducing Dreamers Dive Academy Timor 


Let’s breakdown this Dreamers Dive Academy Timor name shall we! Dreamers” is a concept created by Kate Barker and Ivan S. Loria Shelley. It came about during an inspirational walk through a canadian forest on a crisp, cold but sunny day. It is the representation of them as a joint entity. Furthermore, they realised their past experience, particular skills sets and complementary teamwork could lead to something greater. To give something back to the industry they love and take a “leap of faith” by stepping off regular employment and begin this dream.

Many things were discussed and potential for many roads became plausible. Therefore, they were still searching for the right place, the right time and the right feeling.

Timor Leste;

In pursue for their love for Technical diving they found a small opportunity to start something of their own. Hence they began investing in SDI/TDI materials and promoting the various courses they could teach. In the beginning they worked as instructors and guides too.

Eventually, it was obvious they needed more freedom to focus on their own philosophy. Thus Dreamers Dive Academy Timor was created.

See our About us page for more.

 Our name;

Academy– definition;

  1. a place of study or training in a special field.
  2. a society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field

Timor; where we are in the world- Timor Leste. The city of Dili but also diving Atauro Island

Dive; well isn’t that what it is all about!

What we do;

tech divers

Dreamers Dive Academy Timor; aim to bring a new perspective to continuing education and fun diving in Timor Leste. Most noteworthy focusing on exploration, technical expertise, science and safety. Since we are Capable of teaching over 20 Sdi,Tdi specialties there is big choice! With over a decade of dive experience. Our aim is to be able to cater to your specific interests and needs.

SDI. TDI www.tdisdi.com;

Due to their emphasis on complete academic preparation, flexibility for instructors on how they teach based on strengths and skills choosing SDI.TDI as our dive agency was the obvious choice.

We are looking forward to find new sites, share our passion for the underwater world and help you to reach your next level in diving.

 Other focuses of Dreamers Dive Academy Timor;

  • Firstly, Set up the first full range technical diving school in the country including support for CCR (Close Circuit Rebreather)
  • Secondly, Give something back to the local community. We will be sponsoring training for locals every month, from swimming, to snorkeling and scuba diving. See our “Sponsorship of Timorese” blog
  • Especially for us is important to give something back to the environment through education, reef health monitoring and artificial reef development. 
  • In addition, fully install the first fully equipped and licensed, to international standards, workshop for a full range of dive equipment, including scuba tanks inspections and hydrostatic testing.
  • Also, provide local industries or government with professional support; could be for education in first aid, rescue, importation of scuba gear, environmental impact studies or general logistical support for any kind of scientific diving or speleology.
  • Finally, promote the country globally by bringing dive groups from different destinations

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