Dive Sites – East of Dili. Part 2

Dive Sites – East of Dili. Part 2

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Photo by Mayumi Kubota

These are classified as being east of East Timor’s capital city Dili. Depending on the condition of the road and which site you are going the drive can take between 1- 2hours. It may seem like a long time in a car but it is worth it! The east coast sites are definately some of the most spectacular reef systems around. Atauro Island has epic walls and corals too! However, these sites are ever changing in their scenery. Also we feel they offer a wider range of life including nudibranches and crustaceans.

There are actually more sites than listed below but these are the most popular picks. They are mentioned in order of their distance from Dili. See also “part 1” for more site options.

Marble rock

Spending time in an ex president holiday home location while you get ready for the dive. Some of the best shallows full of acroporas and another site with a shallow Anemone garden although this one has many different species of anemonefish hiding in it. 

good for nudibranchs and crustaceans 

Lone tree

One of the most diverse reefs of the east coast. Starting with a sandy slope as you swim to the east you come across a wall. It drops easily to 40m so be careful with your buoyancy. There are many sea fans, colorful sponges and whip corals along the wall plus an electric clam in one of the cracks.

As you turn west the reef constantly varies. The highlight of this site is a huge anoemone garden full of red anemonefish. It is at about 5m so it is great for snorkelers too! 

Dirt track 

Beautiful corals and lots of big barrel sponges make this reef very scenic. Located by a side road (dirt track) and quite exposed this reef can be subject to strong currents. We have even seen dolphins pass by here whilst we were getting ready. 


57 Kms outside of Dili it marks the last site on the map! A unique dive site because you need to do a giant stride entry from the shore! Although the reef is just off the beach there is rocky outcrop which creates a great wall underwater. Unfortunately it’s next to a big river so during wet season the visibility is too bad to dive.  When you can dive it is worth the long drive. Full of fans it’s worth looking out for Pygmy seahorses! 

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You can also visit Dive Timor’s website to find more descriptions of the sites

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