5 touristy things to do in Dili


5 touristy things to do in Dili

A Dili Tourist?? One of the most common questions we get from friends and family (and tourists!) alike is, “what is there to do in Dili?”

While Timor is full of amazing sceneries and spectacular underwater life, we have a list of some great attractions right here in the Dili. 

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  1. Cristo Rey Statue; walk up

At the top of our list is an attraction loved by both the Dili tourist, expats and locals, the iconic Cristo Rei statue and surrounding area. The attraction begins with a lovely pavilion area overlooking clear waters and a white sand beach. The venture up to the statue itself can prove challenging for those opposed to climbing stairs, but the view at the top is well worth the climb. Pro-tip, make your way to the statue in the early morning to avoid the day time heat and for a spectacular sunrise. 

2. Cristo Rey Snorkeling

Can’t get enough of Cristo Rei? Many people love this area not just for the sunrise, but as an afternoon snorkel spot. Bring your bathing suit and hop in the water! The beach just in front of the parking area offers wonderful snorkeling and plenty of fun in the sun. Looking for something a bit more isolated? If you walk halfway up to the statue, the stairs going down behind will take you to the quite paradise of Back Beach. During the week days you are likely to find yourself alone on this lovely stretch of beach making all that extra effort well worth the reward!

3. Local Market

For a more culture centered encounter, check out the Dili Tasi Market. Here you can find a plethora of hand-woven fabrics, scarves, skirts, bags and so much more. The bright colors and beautiful patterns are sure to impress. There is also a variety of jewelry and other traditional items to be found here.

4. Museum


For history enthusiasts and for anyone hoping to get a better understanding of Timor’s complicated past, we recommend both the Resistance and Chegga museums. Here you will find historical artifacts, pictures and much more.

5. Food and Coffee

For any foodies out there, we suggest you check out the local fruit market. With a little bargaining you can get just about every fruit they have here in Timor. We love to stop by here for fresh bananas, papaya, passionfruit, and much, much more.

East timor also has great coffee (see our blog here) and many many options of where to grab a cup

And if you’ve already checked out all these attractions, come back to see us at Dreamers Dive Academy for more diving on the beautiful reefs of Timor Leste!

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