Specialized Scuba Workshop

Dreamers Dive Academy Timor is the only specialized scuba workshop in Timor Leste. Beyond our passion for technical diving and marine sciences we feel a great dedication towards equipment care, service and repairs. All with the aim of having your dive gear working in perfect condition.

We take every service work very seriously as we have a clear understanding that your scuba system is your life support underwater, catastrophic failures are not to be taken lightly.



Approved cylinder servicing

DDA also has the only qualified and approved technician for cylinder servicing in the country. This means we follow applicable standards, we keep our tools and equipment calibrated and tested on a regular basis. We have a code of practice and strict procedures to follow.

All of this ensures high quality work from the moment you deliver your cylinder to the moment it is returned back to you. You can rest assured that while your cylinder is inspected, nothing will be overlooked.

Maintaining all brands of equipment

We are also equipped with a large variety of specialized equipment and tools for the maintenance and repair for all major brands of scuba gear (Always depending on availability of spare parts)

Our goal in the end is to “go beyond” by rising the standards of gear servicing within the dive community.


Our Standard Rates

Important: Terms and Conditions

Please be aware when dropping any equipment paperwork must be signed and contact details provided. After a primary evaluation we may contact you to inform of any issues found and to give a full quote, where applicable.

The most neglected piece of equipment…

Visual inspections are overlooked in the industry, their proper execution requires the right training and tools. At Dreamers Dive Academy we see safety as a priority! Cylinder visual inspections are required annually and we pride ourselves in conducting thorough inspections by following A.S.S.E.T (Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians) visual procedures and protocols. We stand by manufacturer standards and American EN1802 corresponding to Aluminum cylinders.

Dreamers Dive Academy can also provide advice on purchasing dive equipment especially technical set ups. We may be able to assist in bringing it to Timor Leste for you.  We have some items of retail available such as slates, line cutters, spare masks and computers. Please get in touch to find out more.