About Us

Mission Statement

To provide tailor made diving experiences while focusing on community, conservation and educational progression in Timor Leste

Dreamers Dive Academy is a concept created by Kate Barker and Ivan Samra Loria Shelley, two experienced dive instructors, which came about during an inspirational walk through a Canadian forest on a crisp, cold but sunny day.

It is the representation of them as a joint entity. They realised their past experience, particular skills sets and complementary teamwork could lead to something greater in service to the environment and dive industry by providing a personalized experience, education, comfort and the safety expected from a world class operator.

After years working as instructors and guides in this industry Ivan and Kate have found a way to focus on their own philosophy, creating unique space for learning and appreciation of the beautiful reefs of Timor Leste.

As an academy we pride ourselves on continuing your diving education whatever the circumstances; even if you are not enrolled in a course with us we are enthused to share our knowledge of diving, the marine ecosystem and local environments to ensure you get the most out of a dive.

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Kate Barker

Instructor - British

Ivan Samra

Instructor - Mexican