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We are here in Timor Leste;

As both a company and as individual divers we feel it is so important to support the local community here in Timor; where we are. That goes beyond just employing locals and spending money locally. We want them to understand why we’re here. More importantly why we decided to set up shop here. The best way to do that is to get local Timorese in the water whether swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving!

Ami Agora iha Timor Leste

Hanesan kompania no individual luku nian ami senti importante tebes atu suporta Timor oan sira iha Timor Leste. Entoun ami hakarak suporta Timor oan sira barak liu, loas suporta deit ho osan. Importante liu tamba saida mak ami decide loke servisu iha nee, dalan  neebe mak los maka halo Timor oan sira bele tam aba bee nani, snorkeling ho luku tasi.

What Timor Leste has to offer; See Gallery

Dili, the capital city of Timor Leste is on the coast and the reef is right there. Only 2-3 metres offshore. It’s spectacular in the shallows making it a prefect area for snorkeling. So much pristine reef. So many wonderful colours and fish. Once locals have a mask and a snorkel all they need is to get to the beach. Many already spend their Sundays there anyway. Unfortunately, many have no idea what is down there. They might not swim or they simply don’t have equipment. We’d like to change that.

Saida mak Timor Leste atu fo

Dili, sidade neebe mak iha Timor leste besik tasi ibun no mos ahu ruin besik loos. Ita bele tama iha bee laran metro 2-3 no bele hetan ona ahu ruin. Jeitu loos iha bee laran fatin kapas atu ba snorkeling. Ahu ruin barak mos loos, ikan barak loos no kor oi-oin deit. Bainhira Timor oan sira iha oklu tasi no snorkel, sira presiza atu tama ba tasi laran, ema barak gasta tempu iha loron domingo. Triste loos tamba ema barak sedauk hatene saida mak iha okos neeba. Dalaruma sira la nani no dalaruma sira nia ekipamentu mak laiha. Ami hakarak adjuda Timor oan sira neebe la bele nani no laiha ekipimantu para sira mos bele haree buat kapas iha tasi laran.

How to change things for the people here?

Every month we will be sponsoring Timorese to learn about the underwater world. It might be teaching them to swim. Maybe to snorkel or scuba dive. Or provide equipment to someone.  This will begin with dive centre staff and ideally expand. This month (March) as it is our first, we are getting Melky back into diving. Melky is also practicing skills he will need for his Dive Master course. In addition, we will be doing try dives with 3 other locals from Dili, Timor Leste. People who are always helping divers and dive staff.

Melky is currently on his way to becoming the first Timoroese SDI dive master; to follow his progress or keep updated with other Dreamers Dive Academy Timor activites check our blogs, facebook or instagram (dreamersdiveacademy).

Oinsa atu muda Timor bao in ho Luku

Fulan-fulan ami sei sponsor Timor oan sira atu estuda konaba tasi laran. Dalaruma hanorin sira ba nani, no mos snorkeling ho luku tasi, no fo aluga sasan ba ema balun. Ami komesa hanorin luku tasi nee husi kompania dive center staf no ami espera katak iha future oin mai ami bele hanorin Timor oan sira seluk.

Iha fulan ida nee (marsu) hanesan primeiru parte ba ami. Ami bele foti Melky mai fali ba luku no Melky mos presiza praktis nia skill ba nia estuda corsus Dive Master. Ami koko atu luku ho Timor oan nain 3 husi Dili, Timor Leste. Sira neebe mak lor-loron ajuda ema stranjeirus ho sira nia sasan luku nia.

Melky buka dalan atu nune bele sai primeira SDI Dive Master Timor oan. Atu tuir Melky nia progresu no hakarak haree status ho Dreamers Dive Academy Timor aktividade bele haree iha ami nia blogs, Facebook, no Instagram (dreamersdiveacademy)

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