DTL guesthouse rooms

  DTL Guesthouse Need a room? Check out our guesthouse. Check our their website for full details and photos. Click here  If you are thinking of visiting the intriguing and vastly unknown country of Timor Leste. Maybe for the incredible diving, to take a dive course with Dreamers Dive Academy or perhaps just because you […]

Going out for a drink – Timor Leste

Need to know information and recommendations on places to grab a drink. If you are new to Dili or visiting we have complied a list to help you suss out some of the bars in town, when to visit and most importantly when is happy hour! There is nothing quite like a cold beer or […]

Timorese coffee

Coffee in Timor Have you ever sat down with a good cup of coffee and wondered how it could be so tasty? Here in Timor-Leste we have the answers! The Timorese coffee has a flavor all its own and people around the world are noticing. So, what exactly makes the coffee here so good?  The […]