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The Academy

Aside form diving in Timor Leste we offer a full range of Dive Training  (Recreational & Technical), First Aid & Marine Ecosystems programs.


DDA Workshop

Our Equipment Maintenance, Cylinder Inspection facility & Pure Air Filling station. All you need for a safe dive in Timor Leste.


The Kraken Boutique

Diving and more at your service. Certified distributors and dealer of prestigious brands like Bauer, Shearwater, XS.Scuba amongst others. 


Dreamers Dive

Let us tailor a trip that fits your needs. From Snorkeling, Whale Watching or diving in Timor Leste; our experienced guides are here to help.

More Than Just Diving in Timor Leste

At Dreamers Dive Academy we’re a whole lot more than just diving and training: We’re involved in Marine Research and Conservation activities through various programs with the local communities and partners, in order to build up the profile of Timor Leste/East Timor as a premiere eco-tourism hub. After all, our world is in more need of alternative business models that see beyond personal gains but rather find more integral and sustainable systems.

Diving in Timor Leste with Dugong

Dreamers Dive Academy takes conservation very personally, and allocate most of our resources earned from our business to introduce the young leaders of  this beautiful country to their ocean in the hopes of creating a much needed emotional connection.

Diving in Timor Leste with Blue Whale

Whale watching trips have been evolving and improving in the past few years thanks to the pioneering work by local dive operators. With the mighty Blue Whale becoming an icon and a great reason for Timor Leste to start looking at the tourism sector in order to diversify its economy. 

Introducing you to Timor Leste
One dive at a time.

What We Do

We Dive for fun… we Dive for training… we Dive for science… we Dive for conservation… we Dive for you… 


Our Beautiful Location

Located within the coral triangle, Timor Leste is home to a stunning reef system. Most noteworthy is the extensive biodiversity of marine life plus unique unspoiled corals and it is all just metres off the shore making it an ideal place for snorkelers, free divers and scuba divers alike. The substantial length of the reef along the main (north) coastline, in close proximity to the capital city of Dili, means there are many sites to choose from and plenty of potential to explore new places along the way.

Aside from the main island’s coast there is also exceptional wall diving off of Atauro Island. With Beloi reef holding current record on fish biodiversity per site in the world! and is worth highlighting that Timor Leste contains an incredible diversity of cetaceans as well, with at least 30 species known to live or transit through these waters including the mighty Blue Whales migrating between the months of September and December. 

You can find out more on Timor Tourism website.

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Dreamers Dive Academy Timor
Currently the only SDI.TDI Dive centre in Timor Leste


Your Dive Crew

Ivan Samra

Course Director - Mexican - Pro Since 2008

Kate Barker

Course Director - British - Pro Since 2011


First Timorese Dive Instructor - Pro Since 2019

Terezinha Tebes First Female Timorese to become a Dive Instructor

Te Aquila

Assistant Instructor - Timorese - Pro Since 2021


Dive Instructor - American - Pro Since 2018